Kitchen Sinks Taps' Knowledge

- May 15, 2018 -

Faucet structure

First, choose

1, the control handle has a single handle and dual handle, usually under the prevalence of a single handle, which is characterized by easy control, simple structure, and the double handle is to adjust the water temperature, but the style can be more suitable for more occasions (such as under-basin faucets, jacuzzi bathtubs, etc.). When the single-handle faucet is turned on and off, the water pressure will rise rapidly. If the copper content of the product is not high enough to withstand the expansion of the water pressure, it will easily be damaged, so when using the single-lever faucet, slowly Opening and closing; double-lever faucet with a large pressure range, the water pressure is controlled by the corresponding adjustment of the two handles to control the flow of water, so this problem is unlikely.

2, different brands of sanitary ware products, select the appropriate style of  Kitchen Sinks Tap, which has a variety of basin faucet installation location: there is a hole, install a single handle faucet; there are three holes, the most common interval is 4 inches (popular 4 inch), there are also some 8-inch intervals, you can install a single-handle faucet or double-handle faucet (popular 8 inch), abroad is also called split three-hole faucet; of course, in the basin on the hole to To adapt to the installation of faucets, with the popularity of "simplism", wall-mounted three-hole faucets and high-profile faucets (also called high-pump faucets) have emerged. But in any case, buying a faucet is the best way to set the brand, style, and then decide the configuration of the faucet.

3, according to different designs, basin faucet has divided on the stage and under the table, the kitchen faucet has a single hole straight installation and installation into the wall, shower faucets are hose plus shower and in-wall shower, Special-purpose faucets include thermostatic faucets, time-delay faucets, sensor faucets, faucets with filtered water devices, and kitchen sink taps with pull-out hoses. Actually, they will be based on their own needs and budget.

Second, the structure

1. The valve core structure of the faucet includes a ceramic valve core, a ball valve core, a stainless steel valve core and a rubber valve core. The ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core material, especially imported ceramic chips, with good sealing performance and stable physical properties. Currently, the tap valve core on the market is mainly dependent on imported products, and generally imported valve cores. The normal service life is 5-10 years. If replacement is required, only one valve plug can be replaced.

2, surface modification: chrome, titanium, spray paint, gold plating, frosted, etc., coating thickness is one of the considerations, you can use the naked eye to observe whether the plating surface is bright, the surface reflects the object is good, imported chrome plating layer is relatively thick, It is not easy to fall off and oxidize, and the gold plating layer has a special protective film, which will keep the coating from falling off easily.

3. The body of the faucet is mainly made of bronze material, but now it has been replaced with brass. The content of high-grade faucet copper is above 85%. If the body is cut open, the body of the imported faucet basically has no air hole, and the domestic faucet is because of the processing technology. The backwardness, the limitations of the surface sanding treatment, lack of pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant characteristics of imported faucets.

Third, install

1. Before installing the faucet, you need to put in water, wash the sediment impurities in the water pipe, remove the debris in the installation hole, and check the accessories in the box do not break into the impurities, so as not to plug or wear the ceramic valve core.

2, use metal hose to connect the water pipe, do not need to consider the installation location of the water pipe, but it should be noted that the length of the hose is usually 30cm (inlet size, individual brand or hard pipe), use metal pipe to connect the water pipe, After the faucet is bought, the pipe should be laid according to the length of the faucet. Of course, from the perspective of service life, the pipe should be better than the hose. Similarly, when the faucet is installed, if the pipe is laid above the sink, Installation of wall-mounted sink faucets is best, and vice versa.

3. The relevant requirements for imported faucets are different from domestic faucets. The inlet pipe of the general inlet faucet has soft and hard points, and the largest number of hoses (stainless steel braided pipe) is available. The movable nut end has an inch size of 3/8 inch. Only the imported triangle valve can be matched with the matching nut. The nozzle is 11/4 inches.

4, when taking over, the left is hot water, the right is cold water, the two tubes are 100mm-200mm apart. After the water inlet connector is fixed, remove the faucet, and then install the faucet after the wall puddle is completed to prevent the faucet surface from being worn and scratched. If you use imported products such as showers, booster pumps are pre-installed to ensure proper water discharge.

Fourth, maintenance

1. Use a soft cloth to apply toothpaste to clean the surface, then clean the surface with clean water. Do not use alkaline cleaners or use scouring pads or steel balls to try to avoid damage to the plating surface.

2. In the course of use, the single-lever faucet should be opened and closed slowly. The double-handle faucet cannot be closed too much, otherwise it will cause the sealing plug to fall off, causing no connection, and no water.

3, the outlet area will generally have a foaming device (also known as foaming device, not the same as the faucet, foaming device is also the same), because of water quality problems, often make the faucet use a period of time after the small amount of water, this may be because The foamer is blocked by debris, and the foamer can be screwed off with clear water or a needle to clarify the debris.

4, some brands of imported faucet surface plating process is quite thick, but also caused its fatal injury, can not afford to touch or wear hard objects, so when in use, as far as possible to avoid hard objects such as rings.

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