Faucet notes

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Weight: Can not buy too light faucet, too light mainly manufacturers in order to reduce costs, hollowed out the internal copper, the faucet looks very big, take up not heavy, more easily withstand water pressure burst.

Handle: Compound faucet is easy to use, because when using a sink, usually only one hand is empty.

Outlet: high water outlet makes filling basin easy.

Spool: This is the heart of the faucet, hot and cold faucets are ceramic spool, the best quality of the spool is the Spanish track, Taiwan's Kangkin, Zhuhai's.

Rotation angle: Can rotate 180 degrees to make the work convenient, but can rotate 360 degrees only to a sink in the center of the house meaningful.

Can lengthen the shower: the effective radius increases, the sink and the container can be filled faster.

Hose: Experience shows that 50 cm long pipe is enough, the market can also buy 70 centimeters or more pipe. To be careful not to buy aluminum wire pipe, to use stainless steel wire, to get a grip on the hand, Black Hand is aluminum wire, no change is stainless steel wire, preferably outside with 5 of international standards woven stainless steel hose, hose is used in the inner tube of EPDM material, connecting the NUT for red stamping, the appearance of rolling sand coated 4miu (thickness) nickel layer.

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