Faucet manufacturers in the future direction of development

- Jul 21, 2017 -

1, E-commerce platform under the support of the Internet rapid rise, which also contains a huge business opportunities. Future trend: Store shop in the same neck. According to the Beijing Municipal Business Commission released statistics data show that the first half of the city limited to zero on the net retail sales of 43.06 billion yuan, 50.9% year-on-year growth in the 2013 China (Beijing) Electronic Commerce Conference, the Vice Minister of Commerce, Jiang, disclosed that the 2012 China's online retail market continued to continue the outbreak of growth, the year-round transactions of more than 1.3 trillion yuan, year-on-year growth of 67.5%, the growth rate of the social consumer goods retail sales growth of 4.7 times times. This series of network sales data shows that the huge profit space of E-commerce and the inevitable trend of electronic business in the field of social sales.

2, healthy drinking water, stainless steel is the future development trend of faucet manufacturers. Faucet is a relatively simple bathroom products, is also very easy to overlook, and in fact, the quality of the faucet is not only about the use of convenience, durability, but also related to health problems, because the faucet is the amount of lead out of the water safety is very important. Faucet manufacturers need to pay attention to the quality of the faucet, strict control. At present, whether it is building materials market or network sales of the type of faucet is very much, it is necessary to purchase a quality assurance of safety taps, so that the whole family can enjoy safe drinking water.

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