Faucet Heart-Spool

- Jul 21, 2017 -

The heart of the faucet is part of its spool, which determines the quality of the faucet. All, choose a good faucet we need to know the spool of the faucet first. The common valve core has three kinds: the ceramic piece valve core, the steel ball valve core and the axial roll type valve core. These three kinds of core features are integral, the entire valve shaft as a whole, more easy to install maintenance replacement. The advantages of ceramic chip spool are low price and less pollution to water quality, but the ceramic texture is brittle and easy to rupture. Stainless Steel ball valve is a high scientific and technological content of a leading valve core. Because it is not affected by impurities in the water, it will not shorten the service life. In the selection of faucets, ordinary consumers are concerned about the appearance of the first shape, in fact, the more important is its function and effluent way. After the quality has been assured, it is the function of the faucet to consider. The faucet is best to be compatible with the décor. Now on the market some well-known brands of the leading, usually have different styles of the series, in the purchase, can be based on their preferences and other sanitary products style to choose.

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