Drinking Water Faucet Cleaning and Maintenance

- May 08, 2018 -

1, do not be too fierce when boiling water. In real life, the pressure of water flow is far greater than the capacity of water-saving water and dragon water can withstand, like the ceramic valve faucet, to meet the "water pressure 0.1MPa and diameter 15mm, the maximum flow rate of not more than 9 liters / minute" of the ceramic Valve faucet, when the water pressure exceeds 0.1MPa, the flow increases with the increase of water pressure, generally reaches 14-18 liters/min under 0.2MPa water pressure, and reaches 15-23 liters/min under 0.3MPa water pressure. Most water supply pressures are greater than 0.1 MPa, most of which are above 0.2 MPa. Therefore, when using water-saving faucets, do not make the switch too hard. Otherwise, it will not be long.

2. In the event of water leakage, water-saving faucets should be repaired immediately. The quality of this type of water-saving faucet when the new investment is really good sealing effect, but due to the ceramic seal surface sand, stone and other hard impurities sensitive, the sealing surface is easy to wear and scratch - the sealing surface wear, scratch after the "Drip" and once a leak occurs, the amount of dripping will continue to increase, and the stream will soon form. So for your faucet to last longer and save water, you should repair your leaky water-saving faucet as soon as possible. .

3. It is also a good method to install a constant-pressure constant-current efficient automatic water-saving device. After setting the constant pressure and constant flow water saving device, the Drinking Water Faucet can maintain the best stable flow under the water pressure of 0.08-0.4MPa, truly turning the concept of limiting water saving into reality; the faucet does not need to be adjusted during the opening process--true Shorten the opening time and realize the water saving during the faucet opening process; the faucet work process has been under the water pressure of 0.08-0.1MPa, effectively reducing the water flow, especially the sand and stone in the water, flushing the ceramic sealing surface, and prolonging the service life of the faucet.

Finally, the stains on the faucet should be cleaned with detergent as soon as possible, because the accumulation of stains can easily act as an electrolyte for the place where the  is in contact with the water pipe, causing corrosion of the water pipe and the faucet to varying degrees. Smear must be cleared in time.

How to buy water tap?

The eco-friendly concept of water-saving faucets is still welcomed by many families. Although the price of water-saving faucets is high, it is still worthwhile in the long run. Let me share with you the experience of purchasing water-saving faucets.

1, must pay attention to the high price of water-saving faucet, before buying it should be a general understanding of the general faucet price, buy a calculation, how much the equivalent of a ton of water to buy a water-saving faucet, about how long the water saved The fee is equal to buying more money from the tap.

2, select the water tap, can not just look at the appearance of the design is fresh and stylish, but also pay special attention to see the quality of the spool. There are three kinds of common taps in the market: stainless steel ball valves, ceramic valve cores and shaft roller valve cores. The best is the use of ball valve made Drinking Water Faucet, which is the industry's most recognized product of water conservation. Especially the stainless steel ball valve and the copper ball valve can control the water temperature and ensure that the hot water flows out quickly and accurately, saving both water and energy.

3. Most of the water-saving faucets are made by adding a special bubbler to the water-saving appliance. The water will not spatter. At the same time, water-saving and aerobic water flow with bubbles will be better. When buying, you can test the water first to see if the water stream shows bubbles. Also consider its matching with the sanitary ware, see whether the model counterpart.

4, a look at the appearance, with no bubbles, no flaws, no scratches as the eligibility criteria, a good leader can even be used as a mirror. Second, the material, the valve core is the heart of the faucet, the current market, most of the built-in valve taps are used steel ball valve and ceramic valve, steel ball valve is solid and durable, with a strong resistance to pressure, but the aging faster. The ceramic valve has a good sealing performance, feel more comfortable and smooth.

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