Faucet classification

- Jul 21, 2017 -

According to the material to divide, can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel, cast iron, plastic, brass, zinc alloy material faucet, polymer composite faucet and other categories.

According to function to divide, can be divided into the basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink faucet and electric faucet (porcelain can electric faucet), with the improvement of living standards, can quickly heating the faucet (porcelain can electric faucet) more and more consumers welcome, is expected to become the leading faucet revolution's new protagonist.

According to the structure to divide, but also can be divided into single, double and triple type, such as several taps. In addition, there is a single handle and double handle of the points. The Tan Lian type can connect the cold water tube or the hot water pipe, the double joint type may simultaneously receive the hot and cold two pipes, uses in the bathroom basin as well as has the hot water supply kitchen to wash the vegetable basin the faucet; The triple-type in addition to the hot and cold waters two pipes, but also can pick Single handle faucet through a handle can adjust the temperature of hot and cold water, the handle of both hands need to adjust cold water pipe and hot water pipe to adjust the water temperature.

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