Different Faucet Structure Principles and Instructions

- Jun 13, 2018 -

 Commercial Kitchen Faucet structure diagram

Although the shapes and styles of faucets are more and more diversified, the structure of the faucet is nothing more than the following.

Taps can be divided into single, double and triple taps by structure. In addition, there is a single handle and dual handle points. Single connection type can be connected to cold water pipe or hot water pipe; double type can connect cold and hot pipes at the same time, and it is mostly used for bathroom basins and faucets in kitchen sinks with hot water supply; triple connection removes hot and cold water Outside the pipeline, shower heads can also be connected, mainly used for bathtub faucets. A single-handle faucet can adjust the temperature of hot and cold water through one handle, and double handles need to adjust the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe separately to adjust the water temperature.

Single tap

Single tap

The single-flush faucet has only one inlet pipe and only one pipe. It can be either a hot water pipe or a cold water pipe. The kitchen faucet is more commonly used.

Double control faucet

Double control faucet

Double double-control faucet, also known as dual-joint double-handle faucet, is a kind of double-joint faucet. There are two inlet and outlet pipes for the hot and cold water pipes, respectively, and are controlled by two handles separately. During use, the water temperature can be controlled by adjusting two handles.

Double single control faucet

Double-type single-control faucet, also known as dual-joint single-handle faucet, is also the most common type of double-joint faucet. It has two inlet pipes that supply hot and cold water, controlled by a single handle.

 Tri-flow Tap

The triple faucet can be connected to three pipes, which are hot and cold water pipes and bathroom shower pipes. The current market is also a single handle is more common.

Different faucet structure principles

Vegetable basin faucet structure and principle

The basin faucet is made of a spiral valve core, and the outlet of the water depends on the rotation of the valve stem and the movement of the thread, which is equivalent to the switching effect to achieve the final result. When man-made valve stem is rotated, the thread will be tightly closed. By operating the forward and backward movement of the sealing end of the valve plug, when the valve core is twisted inwards, the inlet port will be sealed, and the position of the water outlet will also be sealed. Realized the alternating cold and hot water.

Bathroom faucet structure and principle

Simple basin faucet structure, made of a single ceramic valve core surface, its main components are the handle, valve core, water inlet braided pipe and some installation gadgets. Nowadays, the bottom of the ceramic faucet used in general households is usually composed of three holes, one hot water hole and one cold water hole, and the last one is required for the outlet of the valve core.

Bathtub faucet structure and principle

Normally, the faucets used in our bathtubs use the S shift to allow water to enter, but still have to enter the spool first and then the spool flows into the main body. The water enters the water hole on the left side of the commutator, and the commutator is used to open and close the water flow. The commutator achieves the function of switching the bubbler and shower channel inside the main body through the seal ring and the main body. Note that in the commutator we see, the centerline must be symmetric, and if it is asymmetric, it will leak.

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