Common Problems about Kitchen Mixer Leakage

- May 03, 2018 -

Repair faucet leakage should pay attention to what the problem:

If you repair yourself, the first thing is to turn off the water supply. Just turn off a water supply valve near the tap to turn off the water supply, but if the house does not have a water supply valve for each tap, you have to turn off the main water supply valve to turn off all the water supply. If it is difficult to find the cause of the faucet leaking, you can find a professional maintenance technician to dismantle the faucet and replace the parts.

How to use the tap properly:

Some people like to tighten the water tap every time they use water, thinking that this will prevent water leakage. In fact, proper use of taps should be as light as possible. Do not vigorously rotate the faucet knobs. Do not rotate the faucet too tightly. In addition, the faucet should try not to bump into hard objects. For the use of the bathtub faucet, the showerhead metal hose should be kept in a natural stretch. When not in use, do not wrap it around the faucet. When using or not using it, pay attention to the junction between the hose and the valve body so that no dead space is formed to avoid breakage or damage. hose.

How to Repair Kitchen Mixer Leakage:

1. There is no outlet water leakage in the water dragon: This happens when the shaft washer in the faucet wears. Solution: Select the corresponding pliers according to the size of the faucet to unscrew the faucet cover, and remove the worn shaft washer with a clip. Replace it with a new one to solve the problem.


2. Water leakage from the joint of the faucet: Check if the nut at the lower nozzle is loose. Solution: Tighten or replace the nut with a new U-shaped gasket.


3. Causes of leakage of the gap in the lower part of the faucet: It is caused by the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. You can loosen the screw to remove the boring head, then loosen the cover, and then remove the inside cover of the gland and replace with a new one.

Leaking faucet caused by faucet seal:

Drips occur when the faucet is closed; leaks occur when water flows through the faucet. If you see water pouring out of the handle, your faucet is leaking; the first thing to do is to make sure the tap nuts are tight, but be careful not to scratch the nuts with pliers or a wrench.

Here are the tools you need to replace the tap seals: adjustable wrenches, replacement faucet seals, petrolatum.

If you find that the cause of the leak is not a loose nut, you must replace the seal. The sealing ring of a faucet can be a tight seal consisting of one or more O-rings, or something like a string or a soft wire wrapped around the plug under a packing nut.

When replacing the tap seal, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn off the water supply and remove the faucet handle.

Step 2: Unscrew the packing nut and remove the nut and the old seal from the valve plug.

Step 3: Install a new seal. If you are using a linear seal material, wrap it around the spool. If it is a sealing material such as a soft wire, it will only wrap around the valve core.

Before you reassemble the faucet, apply a thin layer of vaseline oil on the threads of the valve plug and the threads of the packing nut.

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