Basic Knowledge of Commercial Kitchen Faucet

- May 11, 2018 -

First, the type of  Commercial Kitchen Faucet:

The faucet is the switch of the indoor water source and is responsible for controlling and regulating the flow of water. It is an essential material for every family. At present, there are a wide variety of taps on the market. For the general public, professional knowledge is often lacking. Therefore, when choosing a faucet, you will find it at a loss. In fact, bathroom faucets, despite their variety, style, style, and variety, are easily divided from two aspects.

First, from the use of function points, there are generally three kinds of bathroom faucet, basin faucet, kitchen faucet, generally have a unified style and form.

Bathroom faucets are divided into bath faucets and shower faucets:

Bathtub faucet: It is mounted on the side of the bathtub and is used to open hot and cold water. Can be connected to hot and cold two pipes called double-type; open and close the flow of the structure of the spiral lift, metal ball valve, ceramic valve type and so on. The current market is more ceramic valve type single handle bathtub faucet. It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature, easy to use; ceramic valve core makes the faucet more durable and watertight. Bathtub faucet body made of brass, appearance of chrome, gold and various types of metal baking paint.

Shower faucet: It is installed above the shower room and is used to open hot and cold mixing water. The valve body is also made of brass, with chrome plating and gold plating on the outside. The methods of opening and closing the water flow include screw lifting and ceramic valve cores. Shower faucets are divided into hose showers and wall-mounted shower heads; thermostatic taps with special functions, taps with filter devices and taps with pull-out hoses, etc., which have different requirements during installation.

Basin faucet: It is mounted on a wash basin for cold water, hot water or hot and cold water. Its structure is: screw lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic valve type and so on. The valve body is made of brass, with chrome plating, gold plating and various colors of metal baking paint on the outside. The shapes are various. The handles are single handle type and double handle type. Some basin faucets are equipped with drooping pull rods, which can be used to directly open and open the water inlets of the wash basins to eliminate sewage.

Multi-function kitchen faucet: If your kitchen has hot water lines, this faucet should also be double-coupled. With the exception of kitchen faucets, the water outlets are higher and longer, and some hose designs are also available for washing food.

Second, from the structural point of view, there are generally three major categories:

Single-handle type, this kind of faucet adopts the more popular ceramic valve core as the sealing member at present, its advantage is that the switch is flexible, the temperature is adjusted simply, the service life is long.

With 90 ° switch, but also with a ceramic chip seal, on the basis of the traditional double handle, change the original rubber seal for the ceramic seal, open and close the handle 90 degrees rotation can be divided into hot and cold water on both sides Adjustment is characterized by easy opening and more styles.

Traditional spiral-rising rubber-sealed faucets, due to their large amount of water, the price is relatively low.

In addition, some imported faucets have also used stainless steel hollow ball seals and stem seals, but also full temperature control, but the prices are more expensive.

Second, new water faucet introduction:

1, automatic charging sensor faucet

Japan's INAX Corporation recently invented an automatic charging sensor faucet that can use water to solve its own required electrical energy.

This faucet contains a computer board and a hydro generator with infrared sensors to form a complete system. Putting his hand under the faucet, the sensor sends the signal to the computer in the faucet and turns on the water. When the water flows, it is generated and charged by the hydro-generator and provides its own power. This faucet can also automatically limit the flow of water to save water and save electricity.

2, smart magnetic tap

The faucet has the same appearance as an ordinary commercial faucet, but it is versatile. Its characteristics:

a. When the water supply network is turned off, the faucet is automatically turned off when the faucet is turned on or is being turned on. There will be no running water phenomenon caused by forgetting to turn off the faucet;

b. Mechanically, without energy or power;

c. Magnetized water function;

d, the manufacturing process is simple, mainly based on casting.

3, outside the control of automatic tap

When the hand reaches under the faucet, the faucet will automatically open. When the hand is left, the faucet will automatically close. It is very suitable for public toilets and other places. It is easy to use and sanitary, and it will not cause the phenomenon of running, leaking or dripping, and the production and installation are extremely easy. The automatic device mainly adopts LS-2 type infrared sensor switch, which is a kind of reflective sensor switch module that integrates infrared emission circuit, receiving circuit and drive circuit. It is encapsulated by epoxy resin and its external dimensions are 10×38×. 57mm, this module has 10 pins, each pin functions as follows:

V + - positive power supply, 4-6V (DC), current 2-4mA;

V--- negative power supply;

J---infrared receiver negative electrode;

J+--infrared receiver cathode;

V---infrared emission tube cathode;

F+--infrared emitting cathode;

L1--monostable output terminal 1, when the circuit senses a signal, this terminal outputs high level for 1 second;

L2--monostable output 2 end, when the inductive signal disappears, this end outputs 1 second high;

R - current limiting resistor access;

P, NC is empty;

The so-called reflective sensor switch, refers to the LS-2 module itself emits a beam of infrared light, if there is an object in the range of the light block the light, and the light is reflected back to the module, when the reflected infrared light intensity is sufficient, receive The signal will be delayed, recognized, etc. and driven by the monostable output L1 to output high level (up to V+ value) for 1 second and then back to zero (V-value); when the object leaves, no reflected light enters On the receiving side, the circuit-driven monostable output L2 outputs a high level (up to V+ value) for 1 second and then returns to zero (V-value).

Selection of  Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Configuration, optional faucet can generally start from the following aspects

1. Use functional and structural features. At present, there is a wide variety of faucets on the market that are suitable for home use. However, no matter how many species there are, it can be roughly divided from two aspects. As far as the function is concerned, it can be divided into three types: bathtub faucet, basin faucet, and kitchen faucet. Through different personal preferences, the ideal and effect can be achieved. According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into ceramic valve core single-handle spout, and 90 degree switch nozzle and spiral lifting type rubber nozzle.

The first two types of products are based on the special processing of industrial ceramics to open and close the water source. The latter products have been gradually phased out in the current market. The key is that the first two products have the advantages of convenient operation and flexibility and are the most popular in the existing product structure. At the same time, in the imported products, there are also products that have been set to automatically adjust the temperature, and products that have light or infrared control to turn the water on and off.

2. The nozzle surface and its coating options. Previously, it has been introduced that the current spout products have many surface coating types, and the focus of the selection is based on the individual preferences and requirements of consumers and the overall decoration of the interior. Consumers are advised to choose products that are more mature in processing technology, namely the bright chrome that is more commonly used today, that is, what we commonly call "Cromime". Its technology has accumulated over decades of experience and its quality is relatively reliable.

3. Identification of the water spout quality.

(1) When turning or pulling the handle, it should be light and flexible without any sense of sticking. The tap with stick resistance generally has more or less quality problems, or is improperly assembled or improperly adjusted. Some may even be Made from poor quality parts.

(2) Under normal circumstances, the faucet cannot identify whether there is leakage before it is connected to the water source, but basically it can achieve its purpose by checking whether there is any looseness in each connection part. Because this loosening may be the direct cause of leaking water nozzle.

(3) People generally do not like the kind of products that have obvious flaws on their surfaces. The water nozzle is no exception. Therefore, attention should be paid to the surface of the faucet for any burr, an ignition point, or non-plating formed on some parts due to poor plating quality, or whether there are holes or spots formed due to poor casting quality.

(4) In order to protect their reputation, most companies will mark their products and their packaging with clear and reliable labels. However, some companies with poor reputation or doubts cannot and do not want to place clear and reliable labels on their products and related packaging. Users are advised not to buy such products, even if they are very cheap.

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